Why can’t I be given a tax invoice before payment?
Any time you issue a tax invoice it means you have collected tax on behalf of the tax authority. If for some reason a client defaults on payment against that invoice, you still have to remit the collection even though you have received nothing from the client. We initially issue a Demand Note and when you pay we issue you a Tax Invoice / Receipt. So we are just cautious.
On the other hand, if you must have a tax invoice to enable you process the payment we will definitely issue it to you.

Why don’t I get bills, payment reminders or service notification emails from Habari Node?
We probably have the wrong email address in our database or someone else within your organization is receiving the bills, payment reminders and service notifications but is not forwarding them to the appropriate person(s).
We get your email address when you initially register for service. In the course of time, addresses or people within organizations change but we are not notified. Whenever contacts change or people responsible for receiving the bills and notifications change we should be notified.
Kindly write tobilling@habari.co.tzif you are not receiving your bills. In your email provide the correct email addresses we should use.

Why are we receiving email reminders to pay our bills while we have already paid?
At the moment we don’t have an easy means of sending the reminders to a targeted individuals that’s why such reminders are sent to all users. At the bottom of the reminders, we kindly ask you to discard the email if you have already paid your bills.

Are you going to call us before disconnecting services for non-payment of bills?
Unless specified by the client, we send all bills and reminders by emails.

What day and time can I pay my bills?
Our offices are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. On Saturdays they are open from 9am to 1pm. The cashier window is open during this period to receive payments.

I will not be able to pay my bill on time for XYZ reason. What should I do?
If possible, visit our office and meet with our accountant to agree on a date upon which you will make the payment. Or send us an email with the reasons and the date which you will make the payment and we will decide on way forward and let you know.

I was connected on the 10th day of the month. Will my next payment be the 10th of following month?
For that particular month we will bill you on a prorated basis, that is, we will bill you for the days since you got connected to the end of the month.

Can I pay in Sterling Pounds, Euros or other currency other than US Dollars or Tanzania shillings?
We only maintain US Dollar and Tanzania Shillings accounts and therefore prefer to be paid in either US Dollars or Tanzania shillings.

You sent me the bill in US Dollars but I would like to pay in Tanzania shillings. What exchange rate should I use?
Kindly use the exchange rate indicated in your bill or provided by our accountant.

I will be on safari; do I have to pay for the unused days? OR I was on Safari and did not use Internet, do I have to pay?
No you don’t have to pay for the unused days as long as you notify us in advance to suspend your account during the period you are on Safari. If for some reason you failed to notify us, we will only consider your request if we can prove that you did not use the service during the period requested.

How can I make payment?
We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash – at our cashier’s office only. You will be issued a receipt immediately. Please do NOT issue cash to any of our employees.
  • Cheaque – at our cashier’s office. It must be addressed to HABARI NODE LIMITED. We only accept local cheaques.
  • M-Pesa – our phone number is 075-514-4973. The M-Pesa account is registered in the name of HABARI NODE LIMITED. Upon completing a transaction, ensure you SMS us your name and transaction value so we can match to your account.
  • Bank Deposit / Bank Transfer:

Our bank account details are listed below:

Branch: Arusha Branch
Address: P. O. Box 3000
Sykes Building, Goliondoi Road, Arusha, Tanzania
Account Title: Habari Node Limited
USD Account number: 8702014737300
Tanzania Shillings Account Number: 0102014737300
Swift Code: SCBLTZTX
Address: Room 403A, 4th floor, Ngorongoro block, AICC.
P. O. Box 1215 Arusha, Tanzania.

Bank name: CRDB Bank PLC
Branch: Meru Branch
Address: P. O. Box 3132, Arusha
Account Title: Habari Node Limited
USD Account number: 0250300842500
Tanzania Shillings Account Number: 0150300842500
Swift Code: CORUTZTZ
Address: Room 403A, 4th floor, Ngorongoro block, AICC.
P. O. Box 1215 Arusha, Tanzania.