I need Habari’s Internet connection at my residence / office.

What is the ordering process?

  • Contact us by either phone or email using contacts on our website. In your correspondence, try as much as possible to clarify your physical address. We will then arrange to do a site survey to determine if it’s possible to connect you and how to do so. Thereafter we will send you a quote. Upon making the required payment(s) we will schedule for the installation.

After making the required payment(s) how long will it take to connect me?

Usually it will take between 2 - 5 working days from the date of payment. For wireless connections, it may take up to 2 weeks if we have to construct a tall tower.

I have X number of computers in my office. How much will you charge me per computer?

We don’t charge per computer. A single computer could consume bandwidth that would be sufficient to serve 3, 5, 10, etc computers and it is therefore not logical for us to tag our prices against number of computers. We tag our prices against Kilo bits per second (Kbps) we provide in each service plan (refer to prices).